"Your Vet Clinic is TOP DOG! :) pardon the pun :) We have ALWAYS felt welcomed and taken care of and we very much appreciate ALL the staff. Everyone is most helpful and willing to listen to our concerns for our beloved four legged Kidos! That means a great deal to us and we thank you! We have and always will recommend your clinic to all of our friends and family. Thank you all again for your devotion and expertise. "

"Best vet service in the area in my opinion!"

"Keep up the great work! We appreciate all of you for your hard work and friendly customer service!"

"The vet took the time to sit and talk with us rather than standing over us and being rude. She loves her job and was very gentle with my little dog. It was the best vet I have ever been to. Definitely going back."

"I am totally impressed with your facility!"

"Very kind and caring staff - helpful and courteous."

"Overall I am satisfied with my visit and happy to return here over the choice of my local vet. Thank you!!! Worth the drive and care ♥️"

"I think all of you are great!"

"They were all excellent. Katie is doing better and we have gotten two nights sleep which is good for her and us. We do realize that she is not easy to work on so we really appreciated your patience."

"Very happy with the appointment. My dog got excellent care!"

"Thank you so much for seeing Bandit as fast as you did and finding out what was wrong with him and helping him get better it was great to just be able to get in that same day everyone was so polite and courteous and caring. Great service."

"They all are super there. All have a heart of gold and really care about you and your pet. Would not go any other place."

"They have all been extra helpful with their knowledge and our convenience."

"We would recommend them any time. Thank you again."

"It is a great place to bring my pets!"

"I've been coming here since Stephanie took over for Dr. Bastian. Your staff has always treated us with the up most respect. I shall continue to do business with your facility and will keep sharing the great service your staff provides."

"The best animal hospital, simply the best!"

"Love the Clinic everybody is so friendly and helpful.
Great people and great care."

"Excellent services, 5-star! Thanks for being there for my "kids". . ."

"It is well worth the drive from Hot Springs. The followup was timed appropriately and extremely helpful."

"Absolutely love ask the staff at the clinic. From the receptionist who made sure we were able to get in when our dog was so sick to the caring and compassionate vets and techs who tried so hard to save him. I've never had a problem getting in and there has never been a wait. All my questions are answered and the prices are quite reasonable. Definitely worth the drive over."

**Dental Discount Month**


February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

In celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month, Cheyenne River Animal Hospital is offering *free dental exams* and a 15% discount on dental cleaning during the month of February.

Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% cats show signs of dental disease by the age of 3? “Dog breath” is not a laughing matter – for dogs or cats. In fact, bad breath is one of the earliest indicators of dental disease! Other signs include red, bleeding, irritated gums; tartar accumulation; changes in chewing or eating habits; tooth loss; and even behavioral changes, like irritability and depression. Unfortunately, untreated dental disease has been shown to contribute to liver, kidney, and heart disease, and is estimated to reduce life expectance by 20%!


Top 3 benefits of dental care for your pet: 

1)      Longer, happier, and healthier lives! 

2)      Treatment and prevention of painful gingivitis, infection, and tooth loss.

3)      Fresh breath! (Which means fresh dog and cat kisses!)


Please call 605-662-7838 to make your appointment now.