We are equipped to help you through all phases of your cow/calf production cycle--from pre-breeding to calving. Whether you need help developing a vaccine program, have a cow with a prolapse, or are looking for advice on pink-eye management, we are here for you!

  • Herd health consultation
  • NEW! Liver biopsy and trace mineral analysis
  • Medicine and surgery 
  • Reproductive management
    • Synchronization
    • Artificial insemination
    • Pregnancy diagnosis (ultrasound and palpation)
    • Obstetrics
    • Bull breeding soundness examination
    • Trichomoniasis (trich) testing
    • Bangs vaccination

We also carry a full line of preventative products (vaccine, pour-on), rent equipment (portable hydraulic chute), and can even place your custom ear tag order. If there is something you need that you do not see here, please ask!


 Call today to schedule your pet for the SPECIAL DISCOUNT in August.  It's that time of year again when Cheyenne River Animal Hospital offers an amazing discount of  a wellness package which includes a chemistry panel, complete blood count, urinalysis, a thyroid check, and a complete physical exam.  The special discount will give you almost $40 off the original price.  

With this deal, we can help you keep your furry friends healthy and comfortable longer.  With the information from these tests, we can help you make the best decision for your pet's healthy and happy future.  Many diseases can be prevented and treated with early detection; disease such as thyroid, liver or kidney problems, urinary tract infection, and diabetes.  

Please call 605-662-7838 for your appointment until the end of August.