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Cheyenne River Animal Hospital
Cheyenne River Animal Hospital

About Us

Cheyenne River Animal Hospital (CRAH) is a full-service veterinary clinic committed to quality and compassionate large animal and small animal care. CRAH not only offers a fully-equipped small animal hospital with haul-in facilities for horses and cattle, but also ambulatory services to many communities in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. CRAH routinely offers services in:

  • Hot Springs, Custer, and Oelrichs in South Dakota
  • Harrison and Crawford in Nebraska
  • Lusk, Lance Creek, and Newcastle in Wyoming

CRAH, named after the Cheyenne River that runs through southwest South Dakota, was founded in 1996 by Dr. Stephanie Stevens. A Black Hills native, Dr. Stevens has provided veterinary care in the area for years, building a reputation for dependability and excellence. With the addition of Dr. Erica Koller in 2007 and Dr. Olivia Lakatosh in 2018, CRAH now offers the services of three full-time veterinarians. All three doctors offer both large and small animal services, and are eager to work with you and your animals! Please visit the "services" tab to see what we have to offer.


Meet The Team

Dr. Stephanie Stevens, Dr. Erica Koller, Dr. Olivia Lakatosh, Edna Neville, Anne Foster, Lacy Stevens, Will Lakatosh, and Pete (not pictured)


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Small Animal

Small Animal

Small Animal


We offer a wide range of small animal services for all of your pet's needs. These include surgery, chiropractic, vaccinations, radiography, wellness, and laser therapy.


Small Animal

Small Animal


We are the leading veterinary practice for bovine medicine in the area. We provide a variety of cattle services including pregnancy testing, bull testing, surgery, spaying, and castration.





Our facility is set up for all of your basic horse needs. We offer equine dental services, castration, lameness exams, and equine medicine.





We offer both large and small animal chiropractic services. 

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Cheyenne River Animal Hospital

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