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Cheyenne River Animal Hospital

Bovine Services

We've got what you need!

 We are equipped to help you through all phases of your cow/calf production cycle from pre-breeding to calving. We have in-house corrals and chute as well as ambulatory services to meet you where you are. Whether you need help developing a vaccine program, have a cow with a prolapse, or are looking for advice on pink-eye management, we are here for you! 

We also carry a full line of preventative products (vaccines, dewormers, etc.), rent equipment (portable hydraulic chute, banders, etc), and can even place your custom ear tag order. If there is something you need that you do not see here, please ask! 


  • Pregnancy Testing - Our experienced vets use palpation and ultrasound techniques to determine your cattle's calving dates. We can give you the information you need! 

  • Bull Breeding Soundness Exam - Using an electro-ejaculator probe and a microscope, we can help you decide which of your bulls are fit for breeding.

  • Obstetrics - We fix prolapses, pull calves, and perform Cesarean sections as well as provide artificial insemination services.

  • Trichomoniasis (Trich) Testing - We provide Trich testing. Certain regulations require non-virgin bulls to test negative for trich before they are sold or move interstate. 

  • Bangs Vaccination - We offer federally accredited  bangs vaccination services for virgin breeding heifers

  • Bovine Medicine and Surgery - We treat everything from foot rot to waterbellies. We also offer liver biopsies for mineral analysis as well as herd health consultation.  

  •  Health Certificates - Our health certificates are reasonably priced.  We will check regulations for you to make sure you are compliant with state law.